Cedarvale Pictures

As one of the most collaborative art forms around, moviemaking is the world’s truest team sport. We believe the ‘Art’ of making movies must be balanced and supported by the ‘Business’ of making money. Sustainable success in the film industry can only be achieved by making great films with a healthy ROI while minimizing risk of capital.

In partnership with HLP, Toronto-based Cedarvale Pictures has strong relationships with all the major agencies and studios in Los Angeles. We work closely with creative writers, renowned directors, A-list actors and top-of-the-line production crews. We strive to achieve a level of excellence in every film project, be it big or small, creating products that exceed the artistic vision of the creative team. 

Cedarvale Pictures understands domestic and global tax incentive programs and strategically places film production in locations that not only suit the creative but also the financial aspects. Our approach maximizes the genuine success probability for all stakeholders and investors while ensuring protection of capital.

Our collective goal is to become world-renowned for producing unique and ground-breaking projects. As intuitive, passionate storytellers, we seek partnerships and strategic alliances with talented individuals and prudent investors who share our vision.

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