French Food at Home

‘French Food at Home’ celebrates everyday French home cooking as one of the great culinary touchstones of our time. Laura Calder travels to France, whipping up bistro feasts or pastry-shop goodies, and getting very saucy with olive oil and herbs. French food is, above all, a state of mind: caring about the quality and freshness of ingredients, delighting in the kitchen rather than dreading it, and indulging in the social and sensual life of the table. French Food at Home is unforgettable food TV, sprinkled with the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most exciting gastronomic countries, and grounded in simple, easy, satisfying fare that brings the magic of France home – no matter where home is.

Henry Less was Director and Director of Photography, re-branding Season Two of French Food at Home. He continued on with the series to direct and DOP Season Three. French Food At Home was produced by Ocean Entertainment.